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Is your computer running slow? Are random pop-ups or redirects driving you crazy? You may very well have one or more computer virus. Worms, trojan horses, adware, spyware, spam, phishing, browser hijacking, clickjacking, mousetrapping, ransomware…they all spell trouble for you and your PC. Antivirus software is important, but antivirus software is reactive as opposed to proactive. They only know about current viruses. And as you might guess, new viruses are constantly being unleashed.

If you suspect you’ve been a victim of a virus you should act promptly to resolve the problem. Many of the programs collect sensitive data or can cause damage to your filesystem. At Castle Computer Systems, we can root out even the most stubborn viruses. We’ll also ensure that your operating system and programs are up to date and optimze your PC performance.

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We’ve Teamed Up!

Redhot Media Productions and Castle Computer Systems have teamed up. Same location: 2640 Bechelli Ln, Suite G, Redding CA

Castle Computer Systems has expanded it’s range of services by teaming up with Redhot Media Productions. Redhot Media Productions has been building great websites and producing professional videos in the Redding area since 2005. We offer a great small business web package called Bizsites. Bizsites is a managed website program that gets you up and running with your new website for just a $549 setup fee and $49 a month. Your site will included security montoring and firewall and you can add updates anytime you like with just a simple phone call or email. Call us at 530-222-9898 or 530-221-0900 for more information.
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